Director Profile

Dr. (Lt.) Sanjay Singh Kushwah
Group Director and HOD (EC)
Department of EC Engineering (G.E.C)
G.E.C Group of College’s, Gwalior

Dr. Sanjay Singh Kushwah is the Group Director and HOD (EC), Department of EC Engineering, Gwalior Engineering College (G.E.C). He is a Doctorate in Electronics Engineering with specialization in Wireless Ad-hoc Network.He is widely recognized for his role in shaping the technical education and for his leadership of the GEC Group, as well as his contributions to various forums in GEC.

Dr. Sanjay began his carrier from GEC college form February 2008 and was elevated to the Directors of GEC group of colleges in 2014.He is responsible for the overall working of the College and is instrumental in making strategic decisions for the College.

Three times Awarded by GEC Management and Administration for Excellent work in different events.

Excellent Work as a NCC Officer in 15 MP Bn NCC Gwalior from Sept-2011 to till date.

Excellent Work as a Chief Hostel Warden from 2009 to till date.

Excellent Work as a Counselling Head from 2009 to till date.

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